Overnight of Saturday, July 4th, 2020, we witness this year’s Full Moon in Capricorn; named the Buck Moon after our beautiful male deer. It is said that this is the time of year where they begin to grow antlers. It is during this 4th of July weekend that those of us in North America, parts of Africa, South America, the Pacific, Atlantic, Antarctic and Indian oceans will bear witness to a prenumbral lunar eclipse. The eclipse will occur during this year’s full moon in Capricorn, beginning at 10:07 central time.

An eclipse occurs when the Sun, Moon and Earth are all in alignment. This alignment is a powerful one, within which lies a significant opportunity for spiritual growth. With the Sun representing our light and the Moon representing our shadow side, their alignment with Earth creates a proper environment for us to engage in deep and meaningful self-work. This alignment allows us to examine our shadow side and wade through its depth. Upon close inspection, as with all full moons, we are granted the opportunity to release any aspects of our shadow selves that no longer serve our highest purpose. This means that during this full moon/lunar eclipse, we will be shown a gateway into the aspects of ourselves that may make us feel uncomfortable. Our shadow sides are often the sides of ourselves that we least like to visit. However, they are there so that we can connect with them in an effort to learn from them and to grow.

The “Buck” Moon, representing the deer and antlers is also indicative of our illuminated intuition at this time. Those with deer as their animal totem have a very keen intuition. They have the ability to handle problems with grace and gentle determination. Additionally, because this full moon recognizes the antlers of the deer, our attention is drawn to our crown chakra. The Buck moon is representative of our ever developing crown chakra. This is a time when we can work to open it up to receive all of the harmonious messages that our benevolent beings in Spirit wish to share with us. This full moon is the perfect occasion to meditate and envision our crown chakras to be clear, clean and cleansed; to be a beautifully shiny shade of violet. We can invite our benevolent beings in spirit to sit with us and to offer to us messages of love and healing.

With the Sun in the sign of Cancer and the Moon in the sign of Capricorn, there is a major emphasis on home and family life. Both Cancer and Capricorn thrive in a family setting. Both signs prefer to have a stable home environment that they can call their own. In fact these two “opposite” signs of the zodiac have many common aspects when it comes to the house, family and home. Where they differ is in their roles in the house and family. Whereas Cancer tends to be the nurturer, Capricorn loves to be the provider for the family. Whereas Cancer, the water sign tends to want to approach all situations from an emotional angle, Capricorn, the earth sign tends to focus on the logical approach. As a result of these conflicting energies, during this lunar period we may experience a type of energetic tug-of-war between our hearts and our minds. We may feel torn between emotion and logic.

In addition to the pull in two directions, we are dealing with the lunar eclipse. This is to say that the elements of imbalance in our lives that are associated with home, family and relationships will be illuminated. Should we pay close attention, we will be shown the shadow sides of ourselves with respect to home, family and relationships. This may indeed create feelings of discomfort, vulnerability and fear. Should any of these feelings arise, we can take comfort in the fact that they are ego-based reactions to the personal trials we are undergoing. Our ego will want to make us feel uncomfortable and fearful so that we become too afraid to leave our comfort zones. While this concept may seem like the easy way out, we must remember that any feelings of discomfort and fear are making themselves known because they are ready to be felt, healed and released at this time. Eclipses are momentous blessings as they allow us the opportunity to release our fears and shadows in a magnified way. This means that whereas all full moons are opportunities to release, the eclipse is exponentially more powerful in their assisting us to release that which no longer serves us.

This full moon/lunar eclipse is a turning point for many of us. Saturn, the planet of structure and function, is now in retrograde and moving back through the sign of Capricorn. This retrograde intensifies the vast changes that are being experienced by humanity on a collective level. Saturn retrograde back through Capricorn could have us feeling stuck in the mud. It can have us feeling like we are spinning our wheels. It can have us building up proverbial structures only to find that they aren’t quite right and tearing them down again, only to be back at square one. This process can become arduous and labour intensive.

We can also expect to experience lingering effects of this eclipse in the days to follow due to Mars’ upcoming alignment with Mercury. Mars, the planet of war, forming a planetary square with Mercury, the planet of communication could have us tending toward unusual verbal battles. We may find that in situations where would ordinarily be calm, cool and collected that we feel irritated, agitated and aggravated. This aggravation can easily spill over into our self talk. We may find that even if we spend this lunar period alone, we can become easily irritated with ourselves. This can unfortunately lead to negative self talk and needless self blame and fear. Should any of these feelings arise, acknowledge them, feel them and let them pass. As Buddha said, “Feelings area just visitors, let them come and go”.

In whatever we find ourselves engaged during this lunar influence, let us remind ourselves that any past pain which we are revisiting is coming up for a reason. This reason is that it is ready to be healed and released. At this time, finding a way to connect with nature and our own Divinity is crucial. In connecting, we will readily be able to understand the interconnectedness of all life. By joining a yoga class, drumming or meditation circle (in person or online) or simply gathering with our friends in celebration of this unique event, we will be able to live a heart-centred time and find a peaceful way to release the past.



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