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As you may or may not be aware, everything in the Universe has a vibration; n energetic frequency. Living beings, inanimate beings, spirit; all have vibration. Each vibration varies from the next. No two humans, animals, plants or minerals have the identical vibration.

In addition to each individual entity possessing its own unique vibration, each vibration has its own resonation. This is to say that some vibrations are lower than others. Therefore some vibrations are higher than others. Living beings have living vibrations. They are subject to shift and flux based on our experiences, surroundings, feelings, thoughts and beliefs. Our vibrations are constantly influenced by both internal and external circumstances.

Those of us who are conscious of our vibrations are aware that by placing ourselves in different contexts with different people can have varying degrees of impact on our vibrations. Those of us who are sensitive know all too well the kind of impact external negative energies can have on our own vibrations. Often, when we leave a building or conversation we feel drained and depleted. This is because we have allowed other people or spaces to drain and deplete us.

Those who have chronic mood disorders such as anxiety or depression have vibrations that are easily influenced by our mental wellness. Often it can be quite challenging to rise above the depths of depression or the throes of anxiety.

For any situation in which we find our vibrations compromised, there are several techniques that are tried, tested and true to raise our vibrations to our highest and greatest potential. Listed below are five easy ways to do so:

1)      Meditate- Meditation facilitates both relaxation and clarity. It also facilitates reconnection with one’s Divine connection. When truly engulfed in meditation, the “ego” or “thinking” part of the brain takes a back seat to becoming one with all that is. This oneness connection alone will raise your vibration. Because the Divine Source Consciousness is the highest known vibration in the universe, when engaged in meditation the connection to it brings our vibration to a higher resonation. When most think of meditation they think of sitting in stillness. Though this is a common and highly effective form of meditation, there are many other ways to do so. Often walking, swimming or dancing are equally as effective in terms of becoming in alignment with a higher vibration.

2)      Dance/Drum- Body movement is an excellent means to raise our vibration. This is because dancing is both grounding and liberating at once. By dancing we are reconnecting with our bodies. Additionally, by aligning our movements with the rhythms of our bodies we are facilitating a type of meditation. A moving meditation. Other types of moving meditation include; yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi to name a few. By facilitating these types of body connection, we are connecting our physicality with our spirituality. All spiritual groups from Shamans to hippies have used drumming and dancing to create a trance-like state that is a type of meditation. This meditation elevates us. By elevating our mind, body and spirit we are elevating our vibration. Often we may become so engrossed in these meditations that we may seem to travel to alternate realities.

3)      Mantra/Chanting- Mantra is the art of discovering a concise set of words that raise our vibration. There are traditional mantras that many practice such as mantra for abundance, mantra for self-healing and various other uplifting phrases. By chanting a short set of words that uplift us, we will also be raising our vibration. For example, we may choose the mantra “I am healthy- body mind and Spirit”. We may choose “I am in alignment with my highest abundance” or any such phrase that helps to clear out negative belief systems from our consciousness. By repeating positive words to ourselves we are in essence rewiring our synapses to a healthier state of being. We are “talking ourselves out of” negative thought patterns and “into” positive ones. Chanting has been utilized for lifetimes after lifetimes to facilitate meditation. Monks, Buddhists and various other disciplined groups choose chanting as a form of aligning themselves with each other as well as the Divine Source consciousness.

4)      Connect with nature/animals- Animals and nature naturally have a vibration that far supersedes most human vibrations. Animals and nature are gifts from the Divine to assist us with remembering where we came from and ultimately where our souls plan to end up at the end of our human incarnations. Ever wonder why we feel recharged and refreshed after camping, playing with cats and dogs, horseback riding or hiking? This is because nature and animals are of such high vibration that when we immerse ourselves in their energies, our energies become elevated by association. The beauty of nature is that when she elevates our vibration, she powerfully shifts the low vibe energy with which we visit into positive energy. Take care, however with animals because they are prone to holding on to low vibration energy when confronted with it. Always remember to practice energy healing on animals regularly. Or, if you prefer, always ask your animal’s angels to clear your low vibe energy from your animal once your animal has recharged you!

5)      Compassion- Perhaps the most challenging yet most rewarding way to raise your vibration is by learning to find compassion for all other beings on our planet and in the Universe. The challenge arises when we encounter someone who angers us, saddens us or stirs negative energy within us. To learn to rise above this negativity and find compassion for those who have offended us is a remarkable way to keep our vibrations high. At first, this action may feel like a tall order. An effective technique for finding compassion for the offender in a hurtful situation is to take a step back and ask yourself what you have in common with this person. Finding common ground is an excellent foundation for beginning to find compassion for others.

These are just five of many activities to engage in to raise your vibration. Because there are so many reasons why it may become lowered, taking up regular practice of one or more of these activities will surely aid in keeping you in alignment with your beautiful Divine spark!




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