Today, July 19, 2020, the Cancer sun meets the Cancer moon. Today is this year’s second new moon in Cancer. The new moon is a time for resting, rejuvenating and conjuring up our deepest desires. The new moon is the highlighted time of the lunar cycle for us to journal about our wishes hopes and dreams. Along with the waxing (getting bigger) of the moon, our intentions grow. By taking time today to write our intentions, we can solidify them and send their words into the universe.

This new moon is the second of this year in the sign of Cancer. If we look back to last month’s new moon, we will be reminded of its difficulty due to its solar eclipse. Though eclipses are certainly magnificent, they bring along with them many in-depth focuses inward, much self examination and spiritual unrest. Thankfully, this new moon in Cancer is in absence of an eclipse and is free to be as usually light-hearted as she wants.

With both the sun and moon in the watery sign of cancer, we have an opportunity to delve into our emotional bodies and seek out what may be out of alignment with our new moon intentions. As in astrology, dream work and traditional Chinese medicine and many other philosophies, water represents emotion. As the law of attraction goes, in order for us to see our intentions and manifestations come to fruition, we must engage in actions, thoughts, beliefs and feelings that support them. This means that if we wish for our hopes and dreams to come true, we must ensure that our emotional and mental focuses are in alignment with them. This means going deep into our emotional bodies and uncovering where we can eradicate any extra and unnecessary emotion. The emotional imprints of our past experiences that still linger within us may not be serving our highest purpose, for example. Any emotions to which we are still attached from our childhood memories, adolescent and teenage years that continue to bring us into an emotional tailspin can be released easily at this time. This is not to say that the process by which they are released is easy, however it is such that we will be more easily able to recognize these unhealthy and limiting patterns that hold us back.

Cancer, the water sign, is all about nurturing. Ideally, the nurturing element of the sign would be distributed evenly between us and those we love. However, true to form, most Cancer people are far more intent on nurturing others than nurturing themselves. They will often do this to fault. During this lunar period, we will tend to want to nurture everyone but ourselves. However we may find this task to be particularly difficult. We may find at this time that these tasks can become quite physically exhausting; So much so that we may want to sleep the days away. That said, our desire for sleep is actually only a beckoning from deep within our souls to nurture ourselves. We will find that should we pay attention to our soul’s message of self-nurturing, that our desire to sleep will dissipate and that we will be full of life once again.

To the contrary of the warm and soothing nature of the sun and moon in Cancer, our moon is in opposition of the planet Saturn which stands for structure and function. Saturn can feel quite oppressive to those with a free spirited nature.  For free spirits, remaining grounded can be complicated. However, there is a message here; when Saturn is prominent in the planetary alignment, there must be focus placed on building life’s next chapter from the ground up. As Saturn stands for structure, we may be uncomfortable working within certain frameworks, such as travel restrictions or other current oppressive-feeling structures. Our task is to accept that these “rules” are out of our hands. Our task is to find peace within these limited conditions, believing in our hearts that they will soon pass.

Because the moon is in opposition to Saturn (as opposed to the sun), we can expect to be thwarted by our shadow sides when it comes to structure and function. The moon, representing our subconscious, will illuminate the hidden aspects of our consciousnesses that take issue with authority. As stated above, Saturn stands for structure and function. And because it is opposed to the moon, we will begin to take note of how our subconscious reacts to authority. As we take note of our reaction to this element of our consciousness, we will be able to allow this energy to awaken within us fully in order for it to be released. This experience will almost assuredly require patience and discipline on our end as releasing any old energy that has been latent within us for years can be quite challenging and exhausting.

As challenging as these astrological alignments may be to our spiritual growth process, we can be sure that we will likely have a restful sleep. With all of the eclipses and retrogrades of the past few months, many of us have had issue with falling asleep and staying asleep. Rest assured. This lunar influence is a time to sigh relief, if even for a few days.


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