Today, March 19, 2020 births the first day of spring!  At 10:49 central time, we witness this year’s spring equinox, also known as the vernal equinox. At precisely 10:49 am, the sun will pass across the equator, designating the beginning of our spring season. The vernal equinox is one of two days, second to the autumnal equinox, of the year where daylight and night darkness are equal. This means that there are an equal number of daylight hours as hours of night darkness.

The spring equinox is significant both historically as well as spiritually. Traditionally, the first day of spring was revered by ancient cultures as “the fertility of the land”. The first day of spring represented a rebirth of both nature and person.

Additionally, the first day of spring marks the sun’s entry into Aries. Aries is considered to be the first sign of the zodiac. This means that today, the zodiac chart begins again, symbolizing another renewal. This is the astrological new year.

Spiritually, the spring equinox holds much gravity. In addition to the opportunity for rebirth, there is a struggle between darkness and light. For every individual, just as our Earth finds balance on this occasion, there is a challenge for each individual to find the balance between the two.

As spiritual beings, we are constantly given opportunities to grow. We are constantly given the choice of slipping back into our darkness or marching forward into the light. Seeking balance between these two shades of ourselves is a continuous process that requires a much self discipline. Today we have the opportunity to look deeply within and begin to make peace with our shadows. The desire to do so is highlighted. We may take this opportunity through spending time alone and soul searching.

Today, the first day of spring, is a time to honour our Mother Earth. Celebrating and connecting with nature. We may choose to take a walk in nature, admiring and sharing energy with her. We may choose to begin gardening. We may choose to partake in any other outdoor activity that allows us to commune with and be grateful for our beautiful Earth and all of her offspring.

This is a day to meditate on what we wish to see come to fruition in the coming months. The spring equinox is a time to plant the seeds of our future intentions. Coupled with next week’s New Moon, these four  days are ideal for creating new beginnings! This time is an excellent occasion to brainstorm about what plans you wish to set in motion to accomplish your life goals.

For some, this day means gathering natural artifacts and incorporating them into an Ostara altar. Bringing items in and arranging them in a meaningful way, giving thanks for them, inviting the energy of renewal onto the home and into your life.  For some this means conducting an earthing meditation to ground and prepare for the coming season.

In whichever ritual you choose to engage, may this time of new beginnings bring magic and joy to your life!



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