Tuesday, March 24 at 4:28am central time marks our next new moon. This new moon is divinely timed, just after the Vernal Equinox (first day of spring). With just four days between the spring equinox and the new moon in Aries, this is a magical aperture in the vast, multidimensional force of the universe that enables us to co-create our futures. https://soulsticespirit.com/2020/03/19/rejoicing-in-the-first-day-of-spring/ Both this new moon and the first day of spring behold the opportunities to create an entirely new beginning for ourselves. As with all new moons, this one is an excellent time to put pen to paper and manifest your life’s goals. This new moon is a wonderful day to take some time to consider where you’d like to see yourself in the coming months.

At this time, both the sun and moon are in the zodiac sign of Aries. During this lunar period, we are prone to accidents. This is to say that we will want to pay close attention to what we are doing while we are doing it. If we spend our time with our head in the clouds, we may find that we are easily injured. Be mindful of the activities in which you engage.

At this time, we will likely notice that we have an abundance of physical energy. Aries, a fire sign, often has a surplus of physical energy which if not used efficiently, can outlet itself in stubborn and argumentative behaviour. Aries can be hot headed and react to situations before thinking. This means that while we are at home with our loved ones, it is important to take regular intervals of self-care time. Taking an hour to ourselves per day to ground, meditate, walk in nature or bathe in bath salts to remove toxic energies can be extremely helpful in avoiding an energy build up that could become explosive in the home. Remember- we cannot “un-say” something that we have said. It is imperative at this time to think before we speak so as to avoid entangling ourselves in circumstances that could complicate our living situations.

Aries have yet another common trait. The ability to come up with wonderful new ideas and projects, rush head first into them, get bored shortly thereafter and walk away. Knowing this ahead of time, we have the foresight to discern whether or not we truly wish to see our projects through to the end. Many of us, at this time, are gifted with a lot of extra time. We may, during this lunar period, have sudden and spontaneous urges to begin new and exciting projects. But before we do, let us ask ourselves how dedicated we really are to them. In order to avoid the future frustration of “phoning it in” or wasting valuable time and resources, let us take a moment to discern whether or not our exciting ideas can be seen through to the end.

Overnight of this new moon, the moon creates and alignment with the asteroid Chiron who represents the archetype of the “wounded healer”. Many of us, on our healing journey have become healers due to our wounds. We have embarked on this path to heal ourselves and hopefully, through intense self-examination and healing, we wish to be able to support others who thereafter walk similar paths to ours. This alignment between the new moon in Aries and Chiron allows for a brilliant opportunity for long term soul healing potential. This is a time to ensure that self- honesty is a priority. This is a time to look deep within and be truthful with ourselves of what we must let go. What are we still holding onto out of fear? Out of a lack of self worth? What are we still clinging to out of inauthentic need? Whether it’s the way we speak to ourselves whe nobody is looking, unhealthy relationships or harmful habits, it is time to examine what can be released for our healthiest spiritual selves. When find the courage to be honest with ourselves, we can begin to find self-compassion. By being completely authentic with ourselves, we permit a gateway to self love.

Both the new moon and the equinox, in such close proximity, offer a novel hope of renewal. There is great potential, with this series of planetary alignments, to leave the past behind ad begin anew. How? All we must do is to search our souls and uncover exactly what it is that we desire (as long as it harms none). Upon discernment of what it is that we desire, all we must do is to ask for it with a pure, unencumbered soul. Free of ego, free of illusion, we have the power to create all that we wish for our lives to be.



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