If the idea of a global pandemic virus isn’t enough to get the anxiety out of control, forced isolation just might be. Some believe that this is the end of civilization as we know it. Some believe that CV-19 is a tool for government population control. Some believe that certain countries created it and fed it to the North American population as a form of revenge. Some even believe that the world leaders are aiming to keep humans indoors for the near future due to extra terrestrial visitation. Regardless of what we believe about Covid-19, we are all forced into self isolation. We have no choice. We are forced to be alone with our thoughts.

Despite what we, as a species may be facing, we are forced to dial down our lives and live within a far smaller framework than many of us have previously ever had to. We are forced to live without the daily comforts that we believe make us feel good. We are free from physical freedom itself. We are forced to live in isolation, free of those daily activities that distract us from our own, deep thoughts. We are forced into solitude. We are forced to face our shadows.

For many of us, living without distraction means feeling overwhelmed and feeling a loss of control. Though we may not be able to control where we go and what we do at this present time, we can control our attitude towards it. We may view ourselves, during this global pandemic, as victims. We may feel that we are being short changed. We are healthy, we are not ill. Therefore we are being wronged by our government and should be permitted to carry on as usual. Though we may feel victimized by this new temporary law, our attitude does not help us to live up to our highest potential. Should we feel victimized, we may want to consider the higher perspective in place. Yes, we are under forced isolation and can do nothing about it. Yes, it is extremely uncomfortable and a major hassle. BUT- We have a choice. We can choose to submit to the pressure of living without what we feel to be essential activities and daily comforts. OR. We can realize that our purpose on Earth is greater than living inside of our comfort zones. We can choose to dwell on what we cannot do at this time OR we can accept what we cannot do and learn to live without it.

Rightly so, Buddha claimed that “attachment is the root of all suffering”. Now, ask yourself why it is that you are suffering at this time of forced isolation? Is it because you are missing those activities that you are so attached to? Is it because your job has become your identity and now that you have been suspended from it you have lost what you believed was your purpose? Is it because you are missing the physical comforts of places and people in them who help you transform the you whom you were born with into a more socially acceptable version of yourself? Is it because you are missing the validation from social activity that helps to elevate a false sense of self-worth? WHY are you suffering at this time?

Imagine now that you are forced into isolation free of attachment to anything at all. You are free of attachment from social interaction, free of attachment to yoir job, the gym, the beauty salon, the rec- complex where you play team sports one evening per week, the club or pub where you meet strangers and have a good old time, you are free of attachment to sex. Imagine for a moment that you are free of attachment to money. I do not suggest this as a means for the public to backlash at me for the mere idea of money being the root of their suffering. I just ask for a moment that you detach from the worries of money; rather the absence of money. Imagine that money or lack thereof was not an obstacle. Imagine that you are forced into isolation and did not care about money or whether you were able to partake in social activity or not. Forced isolation, free of attachment, is much more peaceful, isn’t it?

You see, the more we become attached to external circumstances and activities, the harder it is to live without them. It is one thing to make the conscious choice to live without them, for you can go back to it anytime you choose. However when we are forced to live without those activities that we are attached to, we suffer.

This, dear friends, is the higher wisdom. We have been given an unforeseen opportunity to detach from all of the worldly comforts to which we believe we need in order to survive. We have been given an opportunity to discern want versus need. We have been given the opportunity to learn to let go of all of our Earthly desires. After all, from this higher perspective, we must realize that should we choose not to detach from any attachment we have, we will at some point during the course of our soul’s evolutionary journey, be required to do so. On the journey to enlightenment, we are tested time and time again in the name of detachment. Generally, it is much easier to make the choice to detach on our own, for being thrust into it can be far more uncomfortable. Though we may have passed the opportunity for self-detachment from our Earthly desires and now have it thrust upon us, now is the time to release. NOW is the time to realize that every activity that we are missing during this isolation is a mind trick that our ego is playing with us to make us suffer. If we detach from our attachments, our ego will no longer have the sustenance it needs to create suffering within our minds.

Mahatma Ghandi claimed that the answer to life is to “renounce and enjoy!” What does that mean? It means that life is a gift. Once we have renounced attachment to all Earthly desires, we are fully free to enjoy life to its fullest. We can view this time of chaos just as that; chaos OR we can view it as an opportunity. This opportunity is one where we can take the time we have to detach from that which we are attached. We can take this time to face our shadows; to realize that we are here on Earth in human body and mind to face our fears. These fears we face are of an internal nature. Those of us who are afraid to be alone with our thoughts- WHY are we afraid? Those of us who cannot sit still, spending our lives running and running some more- WHAT are we running away from? Get to know yourselves. Ask yourselves why it is that you become so enthralled with the outside world and are reluctant to look within, to seek your truth and to relentlessly love yourselves.

This forced isolation is a golden occasion in which to do the self-work needed to jump ahead, far ahead on your soul’s journey to enlightenment. You can choose to spend the duration of this global mania complaining about all of the things you’re missing OR you can do the work it takes to learn to live without them. The choice is yours.



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