Today, Monday August 3, 2020 gives rise to this year’s Full Moon in Aquarius. At 10:59 CST, our Aquarius moon waxes full opposite our sun sign in Leo. As with all full moons, this one is about releasing. At every full moon juncture, we are given the opportunity to let go of all of which no longer serves our highest good. There are a great many spiritual rituals in which we may partake in order to release said old energies. In whichever ritual or belief we hold to engage in our release, we must be mindful that they all centre at the power of intention. This is to say that as long as we intend to release old energies that do not serve us, so they shall be released.

The theme of this particular full moon is that of freedom. Given that this full moon is held in the sign of Aquarius, we can expect to feel the strain of the ties that bind. Aquarians are air signs and they are the beholders of water. Being an air sign, Aquarians are generally open to going with the flow. Air signs are often detached from a specific place or rudimentary plan. They are often mentally and emotionally able to move freely. Additionally, as we may or may not know, symbolically water represents emotion. Aquarians, the beholders of water, behold in such a way that they remain detached from their emotions. They do not proceed to engage with the water, they merely hold it in a chalice so that their only contact is with the holder of the water and not the water itself. Thus, we may feel inclined to detach from our usual emotional state in an effort to free ourselves from its bind.

The yearning to be free can and will come in all shapes and forms. Perhaps it is through a relationship. Perhaps it is through a job or living environment. However most assuredly, it will come through in our desire to be free of our own thoughts, feelings, actions and beliefs that hold us back from being freer than we ever have been before. Though at this time, our freedoms are undoubtedly limited, there are ways that we can currently begin to slowly chip away at our unhealthy patterns and begin to replace them with new ones. If we cannot go on a solo vacation and take days away at a time to ourselves, let us learn to be happy with ten minutes. If we cannot throw a party and immerse ourselves in social enjoyment, let us be happy having a drink or coffee with one friend. If we cannot plan a winter vacation to our desired destination, let us be happy finding somewhere more accessible during these unpredictable times. Happiness and freedom are not necessarily about changing our entire lives overnight. They may be about accepting that at this time we are limited in our choices and being grateful that we have any, however small, at all.

We may yet be uncomfortable during this lunar influence as Uranus, the unstable sign of surprises, resides at this time in the stable and secure sign of Taurus. What does this mean? It means that this particular planetary alignment reinforces our desire to be free. Uranus is the shaker up of old thoughts and beliefs whereas Taurus tends to rely on foundational thoughts and beliefs for comfort. This causes a conundrum. We may be thrown between our desire to shake it up and move on up and our desire to rest on the laurels of our comfort zone. Uranus in Taurus’ square of our Aquarius full moon will bravely encourage us to take action in the way of transforming our viewpoints and accessing new information in order to influence our dreams coming true.  However, this inner conflict is a mere reflection of the Aquarius full moon’s temptation to LET IT GO.

May we remember, when faced with the personal challenges to walk away from that which no longer serves us, that when we release, we make room for he dreams and goals that we have been manifesting for months. It is important, should we want to see our goals and intentions come to fruition, that we de-clutter our lives and our minds to make ample room for them. This is the time to commit to our causes for self and for that which we truly and deeply believe.






“In the beginning of all things, wisdom and knowledge were with the animals, for Tirawa, the One Above, did not speak directly to man. He sent certain animals to tell men that he showed himself through the beast, and that from them, and from the stars and the sun and moon should man learn.. all things tell of Tirawa”. –Eagle Chief (Letakos-Lesa) Pawnee 


At the time of the ancients, animals were not called animals, but creatures or beasts. Creatures were considered equals, in unity with all other living beings. Animals, birds, rocks, lakes, trees, insects and reptiles were all part of a Divine oneness shared with humans. They were treated with the highest respect and consideration. There was a great harmony between all beings on land, in sea and in flight.

Somewhere along the lines, between the wisdom of the ancients and the times of modern day, the connection between human animals and all other species was severed. Somewhere along the lines, animals were named subordinate; inferior. Perhaps it was because of their differing ability to communicate than humans. Perhaps it was because their compassion was so strong that humans saw them as “weaker”. Perhaps it was because humans began to see animals as commodities.

It is possible that humans began to separate themselves from all other species due to the creation of the spoken word. As a result of the human ability to understand a wide range of letters, sounds and words, perhaps humans began to surmise that they were better or more significant than the beings who had a different but equally valid form of self-expression. It is because of this arrogance that there is the human belief that all species are not of equal right to live out their natural lives in harmony with nature. This is a devastating misconception. It is the cause of so much suffering and destruction of animal kind and nature.

Is it not true that for centuries, at various times throughout history, different races, religions, genders and sexual orientations were considered subordinate and of lesser importance than others? Now we know better; that they are all equal. When we truly examine the nature of this concept, it is also true currently for all nonhuman species on Earth. We ALL have a right to be here, to live freely. We are ALL one, from the same Source creation, of the same origin, to the same end. The idea that one species is more important, more intelligent or lesser evolved is inaccurate and harmful.

In fact, animals are entirely Divine beings. They have come here to be our teachers, mentors and guides along our spiritual paths. What’s more is that they are beings of such depth of compassion and empathy that they are fully conscious of the errors of human ways. They are fully conscious of the fact that most humans consider them to be inferior. And they forgive us. They are conscious of the fact that they have incarnated to live alongside our fallible human species just to be misunderstood, poorly nourished, abandoned and abused-just so that humans can learn.

As our teachers, animals silently show us the nature of unconditional love. They show us how to love in a world so devoid of it. They are the bringers of joy, laughter and wonder. And just as our ancestors did, it is our job to respect, care for and nurture them in return.

As our teachers, animals allow us to understand the concepts of living in the moment, free of attachment to material things. Their concept of time is far more in alignment with The Divine than that of most humans. They do not live by a clock as humans have become accustomed to, but rather in response to the rhythms of their bodies, environments and nature.

When we become one with the soul of an animal, the universality of all of life becomes clear. When we become one with the soul of an animal, we experience true beauty; Divine beauty, a oneness of consciousness shared by all living beings.


Your animal friends have chosen to be your companions. They have seen your soul struggle life after life and want to help you heal. They, along with humankind and Mother Earth are spiritually evolving. It is their dharma to teach us what we need to learn in each life in order to progress along our paths to enlightenment. Our animal friends are fully Divine beings. Though they, too have their own karma from life to life, they incarnate in part to remind us of where we came from; the Divine consciousness.

Your animal friends chose you before they incarnated. It is no accident that you were at the right place at the right time to adopt your new family member. Your animal friend’s soul incarnated into whichever animal form you were drawn to, knowing that you would meet in this life and be together for however long you both needed to learn what you needed to learn from each other.

Our animal friends also learn from us. They learn about the human experience. They learn how to rely on us for everything- food, shelter, warmth and love. They learn how to trust and sometimes what it feels like to have trust broken. As they have their own karma, they also choose to learn from us these traits and abide by Earthly vibrations such as fear, sadness and shame.

Even our animal friends who are with us for a very short time have come into our lives to fulfill a specific purpose. They may have come to help us through a momentary grievance. They may stay with us until we beat an addiction, overcome an illness or other personal trauma and then be taken from us more quickly than we’d ever imagine. They may come into our lives to teach us why we need to keep the gate locked in order to pave the way for our next animal companion’s safety- they are that compassionate. They embody an unending supply of love that is at times unfathomable to the human mind.

Our animal friends have a purpose on Earth just as we do.

Animals are fully conscious, sentient beings and should be treated with nothing but respect and equality. Though they may not be able to “speak” our native language, they are completely capable of communicating with us in the language that is most familiar to every living being at their time of creation: love.

In dedication to my beloved soul mate cat companion; Pink. With love, J Morgan Saifer.





Today, July 19, 2020, the Cancer sun meets the Cancer moon. Today is this year’s second new moon in Cancer. The new moon is a time for resting, rejuvenating and conjuring up our deepest desires. The new moon is the highlighted time of the lunar cycle for us to journal about our wishes hopes and dreams. Along with the waxing (getting bigger) of the moon, our intentions grow. By taking time today to write our intentions, we can solidify them and send their words into the universe.

This new moon is the second of this year in the sign of Cancer. If we look back to last month’s new moon, we will be reminded of its difficulty due to its solar eclipse. Though eclipses are certainly magnificent, they bring along with them many in-depth focuses inward, much self examination and spiritual unrest. Thankfully, this new moon in Cancer is in absence of an eclipse and is free to be as usually light-hearted as she wants.

With both the sun and moon in the watery sign of cancer, we have an opportunity to delve into our emotional bodies and seek out what may be out of alignment with our new moon intentions. As in astrology, dream work and traditional Chinese medicine and many other philosophies, water represents emotion. As the law of attraction goes, in order for us to see our intentions and manifestations come to fruition, we must engage in actions, thoughts, beliefs and feelings that support them. This means that if we wish for our hopes and dreams to come true, we must ensure that our emotional and mental focuses are in alignment with them. This means going deep into our emotional bodies and uncovering where we can eradicate any extra and unnecessary emotion. The emotional imprints of our past experiences that still linger within us may not be serving our highest purpose, for example. Any emotions to which we are still attached from our childhood memories, adolescent and teenage years that continue to bring us into an emotional tailspin can be released easily at this time. This is not to say that the process by which they are released is easy, however it is such that we will be more easily able to recognize these unhealthy and limiting patterns that hold us back.

Cancer, the water sign, is all about nurturing. Ideally, the nurturing element of the sign would be distributed evenly between us and those we love. However, true to form, most Cancer people are far more intent on nurturing others than nurturing themselves. They will often do this to fault. During this lunar period, we will tend to want to nurture everyone but ourselves. However we may find this task to be particularly difficult. We may find at this time that these tasks can become quite physically exhausting; So much so that we may want to sleep the days away. That said, our desire for sleep is actually only a beckoning from deep within our souls to nurture ourselves. We will find that should we pay attention to our soul’s message of self-nurturing, that our desire to sleep will dissipate and that we will be full of life once again.

To the contrary of the warm and soothing nature of the sun and moon in Cancer, our moon is in opposition of the planet Saturn which stands for structure and function. Saturn can feel quite oppressive to those with a free spirited nature.  For free spirits, remaining grounded can be complicated. However, there is a message here; when Saturn is prominent in the planetary alignment, there must be focus placed on building life’s next chapter from the ground up. As Saturn stands for structure, we may be uncomfortable working within certain frameworks, such as travel restrictions or other current oppressive-feeling structures. Our task is to accept that these “rules” are out of our hands. Our task is to find peace within these limited conditions, believing in our hearts that they will soon pass.

Because the moon is in opposition to Saturn (as opposed to the sun), we can expect to be thwarted by our shadow sides when it comes to structure and function. The moon, representing our subconscious, will illuminate the hidden aspects of our consciousnesses that take issue with authority. As stated above, Saturn stands for structure and function. And because it is opposed to the moon, we will begin to take note of how our subconscious reacts to authority. As we take note of our reaction to this element of our consciousness, we will be able to allow this energy to awaken within us fully in order for it to be released. This experience will almost assuredly require patience and discipline on our end as releasing any old energy that has been latent within us for years can be quite challenging and exhausting.

As challenging as these astrological alignments may be to our spiritual growth process, we can be sure that we will likely have a restful sleep. With all of the eclipses and retrogrades of the past few months, many of us have had issue with falling asleep and staying asleep. Rest assured. This lunar influence is a time to sigh relief, if even for a few days.



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As you may or may not be aware, everything in the Universe has a vibration; n energetic frequency. Living beings, inanimate beings, spirit; all have vibration. Each vibration varies from the next. No two humans, animals, plants or minerals have the identical vibration.

In addition to each individual entity possessing its own unique vibration, each vibration has its own resonation. This is to say that some vibrations are lower than others. Therefore some vibrations are higher than others. Living beings have living vibrations. They are subject to shift and flux based on our experiences, surroundings, feelings, thoughts and beliefs. Our vibrations are constantly influenced by both internal and external circumstances.

Those of us who are conscious of our vibrations are aware that by placing ourselves in different contexts with different people can have varying degrees of impact on our vibrations. Those of us who are sensitive know all too well the kind of impact external negative energies can have on our own vibrations. Often, when we leave a building or conversation we feel drained and depleted. This is because we have allowed other people or spaces to drain and deplete us.

Those who have chronic mood disorders such as anxiety or depression have vibrations that are easily influenced by our mental wellness. Often it can be quite challenging to rise above the depths of depression or the throes of anxiety.

For any situation in which we find our vibrations compromised, there are several techniques that are tried, tested and true to raise our vibrations to our highest and greatest potential. Listed below are five easy ways to do so:

1)      Meditate- Meditation facilitates both relaxation and clarity. It also facilitates reconnection with one’s Divine connection. When truly engulfed in meditation, the “ego” or “thinking” part of the brain takes a back seat to becoming one with all that is. This oneness connection alone will raise your vibration. Because the Divine Source Consciousness is the highest known vibration in the universe, when engaged in meditation the connection to it brings our vibration to a higher resonation. When most think of meditation they think of sitting in stillness. Though this is a common and highly effective form of meditation, there are many other ways to do so. Often walking, swimming or dancing are equally as effective in terms of becoming in alignment with a higher vibration.

2)      Dance/Drum- Body movement is an excellent means to raise our vibration. This is because dancing is both grounding and liberating at once. By dancing we are reconnecting with our bodies. Additionally, by aligning our movements with the rhythms of our bodies we are facilitating a type of meditation. A moving meditation. Other types of moving meditation include; yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi to name a few. By facilitating these types of body connection, we are connecting our physicality with our spirituality. All spiritual groups from Shamans to hippies have used drumming and dancing to create a trance-like state that is a type of meditation. This meditation elevates us. By elevating our mind, body and spirit we are elevating our vibration. Often we may become so engrossed in these meditations that we may seem to travel to alternate realities.

3)      Mantra/Chanting- Mantra is the art of discovering a concise set of words that raise our vibration. There are traditional mantras that many practice such as mantra for abundance, mantra for self-healing and various other uplifting phrases. By chanting a short set of words that uplift us, we will also be raising our vibration. For example, we may choose the mantra “I am healthy- body mind and Spirit”. We may choose “I am in alignment with my highest abundance” or any such phrase that helps to clear out negative belief systems from our consciousness. By repeating positive words to ourselves we are in essence rewiring our synapses to a healthier state of being. We are “talking ourselves out of” negative thought patterns and “into” positive ones. Chanting has been utilized for lifetimes after lifetimes to facilitate meditation. Monks, Buddhists and various other disciplined groups choose chanting as a form of aligning themselves with each other as well as the Divine Source consciousness.

4)      Connect with nature/animals- Animals and nature naturally have a vibration that far supersedes most human vibrations. Animals and nature are gifts from the Divine to assist us with remembering where we came from and ultimately where our souls plan to end up at the end of our human incarnations. Ever wonder why we feel recharged and refreshed after camping, playing with cats and dogs, horseback riding or hiking? This is because nature and animals are of such high vibration that when we immerse ourselves in their energies, our energies become elevated by association. The beauty of nature is that when she elevates our vibration, she powerfully shifts the low vibe energy with which we visit into positive energy. Take care, however with animals because they are prone to holding on to low vibration energy when confronted with it. Always remember to practice energy healing on animals regularly. Or, if you prefer, always ask your animal’s angels to clear your low vibe energy from your animal once your animal has recharged you!

5)      Compassion- Perhaps the most challenging yet most rewarding way to raise your vibration is by learning to find compassion for all other beings on our planet and in the Universe. The challenge arises when we encounter someone who angers us, saddens us or stirs negative energy within us. To learn to rise above this negativity and find compassion for those who have offended us is a remarkable way to keep our vibrations high. At first, this action may feel like a tall order. An effective technique for finding compassion for the offender in a hurtful situation is to take a step back and ask yourself what you have in common with this person. Finding common ground is an excellent foundation for beginning to find compassion for others.

These are just five of many activities to engage in to raise your vibration. Because there are so many reasons why it may become lowered, taking up regular practice of one or more of these activities will surely aid in keeping you in alignment with your beautiful Divine spark!





Overnight of Saturday, July 4th, 2020, we witness this year’s Full Moon in Capricorn; named the Buck Moon after our beautiful male deer. It is said that this is the time of year where they begin to grow antlers. It is during this 4th of July weekend that those of us in North America, parts of Africa, South America, the Pacific, Atlantic, Antarctic and Indian oceans will bear witness to a prenumbral lunar eclipse. The eclipse will occur during this year’s full moon in Capricorn, beginning at 10:07 central time.

An eclipse occurs when the Sun, Moon and Earth are all in alignment. This alignment is a powerful one, within which lies a significant opportunity for spiritual growth. With the Sun representing our light and the Moon representing our shadow side, their alignment with Earth creates a proper environment for us to engage in deep and meaningful self-work. This alignment allows us to examine our shadow side and wade through its depth. Upon close inspection, as with all full moons, we are granted the opportunity to release any aspects of our shadow selves that no longer serve our highest purpose. This means that during this full moon/lunar eclipse, we will be shown a gateway into the aspects of ourselves that may make us feel uncomfortable. Our shadow sides are often the sides of ourselves that we least like to visit. However, they are there so that we can connect with them in an effort to learn from them and to grow.

The “Buck” Moon, representing the deer and antlers is also indicative of our illuminated intuition at this time. Those with deer as their animal totem have a very keen intuition. They have the ability to handle problems with grace and gentle determination. Additionally, because this full moon recognizes the antlers of the deer, our attention is drawn to our crown chakra. The Buck moon is representative of our ever developing crown chakra. This is a time when we can work to open it up to receive all of the harmonious messages that our benevolent beings in Spirit wish to share with us. This full moon is the perfect occasion to meditate and envision our crown chakras to be clear, clean and cleansed; to be a beautifully shiny shade of violet. We can invite our benevolent beings in spirit to sit with us and to offer to us messages of love and healing.

With the Sun in the sign of Cancer and the Moon in the sign of Capricorn, there is a major emphasis on home and family life. Both Cancer and Capricorn thrive in a family setting. Both signs prefer to have a stable home environment that they can call their own. In fact these two “opposite” signs of the zodiac have many common aspects when it comes to the house, family and home. Where they differ is in their roles in the house and family. Whereas Cancer tends to be the nurturer, Capricorn loves to be the provider for the family. Whereas Cancer, the water sign tends to want to approach all situations from an emotional angle, Capricorn, the earth sign tends to focus on the logical approach. As a result of these conflicting energies, during this lunar period we may experience a type of energetic tug-of-war between our hearts and our minds. We may feel torn between emotion and logic.

In addition to the pull in two directions, we are dealing with the lunar eclipse. This is to say that the elements of imbalance in our lives that are associated with home, family and relationships will be illuminated. Should we pay close attention, we will be shown the shadow sides of ourselves with respect to home, family and relationships. This may indeed create feelings of discomfort, vulnerability and fear. Should any of these feelings arise, we can take comfort in the fact that they are ego-based reactions to the personal trials we are undergoing. Our ego will want to make us feel uncomfortable and fearful so that we become too afraid to leave our comfort zones. While this concept may seem like the easy way out, we must remember that any feelings of discomfort and fear are making themselves known because they are ready to be felt, healed and released at this time. Eclipses are momentous blessings as they allow us the opportunity to release our fears and shadows in a magnified way. This means that whereas all full moons are opportunities to release, the eclipse is exponentially more powerful in their assisting us to release that which no longer serves us.

This full moon/lunar eclipse is a turning point for many of us. Saturn, the planet of structure and function, is now in retrograde and moving back through the sign of Capricorn. This retrograde intensifies the vast changes that are being experienced by humanity on a collective level. Saturn retrograde back through Capricorn could have us feeling stuck in the mud. It can have us feeling like we are spinning our wheels. It can have us building up proverbial structures only to find that they aren’t quite right and tearing them down again, only to be back at square one. This process can become arduous and labour intensive.

We can also expect to experience lingering effects of this eclipse in the days to follow due to Mars’ upcoming alignment with Mercury. Mars, the planet of war, forming a planetary square with Mercury, the planet of communication could have us tending toward unusual verbal battles. We may find that in situations where would ordinarily be calm, cool and collected that we feel irritated, agitated and aggravated. This aggravation can easily spill over into our self talk. We may find that even if we spend this lunar period alone, we can become easily irritated with ourselves. This can unfortunately lead to negative self talk and needless self blame and fear. Should any of these feelings arise, acknowledge them, feel them and let them pass. As Buddha said, “Feelings area just visitors, let them come and go”.

In whatever we find ourselves engaged during this lunar influence, let us remind ourselves that any past pain which we are revisiting is coming up for a reason. This reason is that it is ready to be healed and released. At this time, finding a way to connect with nature and our own Divinity is crucial. In connecting, we will readily be able to understand the interconnectedness of all life. By joining a yoga class, drumming or meditation circle (in person or online) or simply gathering with our friends in celebration of this unique event, we will be able to live a heart-centred time and find a peaceful way to release the past.





We have upon us today a magnificent opportunity. Today is one full of brand new beginnings. Today is one full of designing and aligning with our soul’s highest potential. Today marks a gateway that passes from the tumultuous stumbling of our past to the crisp, clear, completeness of our future; should we take the leap.

This day of dual beginnings embarks with our Summer Solstice; the first day of summer. Every beginning of a new season is a blessed opportunity to begin anew. It is a Divinely timed opportunity for us to wake up feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to begin a new and exciting season of our lives. Astrologically, the summer solstice is marked by the longest day of the year. And as it happens, on this longest day of the year and shortest night of the year, we coincide with a new moon. Both the new moon and the solstice are colossal opportunities to manifest the next phases of our lives.

During this powerful celestial event, we can note that Mercury is in retrograde. Thus, there is a shift of focus inward. This is a time where we can journey within and examine the aspects of our consciousness that are out of alignment with our soul’s highest purpose at this time. We will find ourselves in a state of reflection regarding past experiences and how we can engage in higher levels of healing. This is a time to look back at past experiences we may still be holding onto and learn to walk the path of self forgiveness. Because the new moon is in Cancer, this Mercury retrograde/new moon period will be all about allowing ourselves to feel our deep emotions, bring them to the surface, work through them and forgive. For more information on Mercury retrograde; what it is and how it affects us, see: .

Due to the daunting nature of this year thus far, we must remain vigilant and understand that we as a species hold the capability to shift any subsequent reality to this alarming and sad series of worldwide events. Though we have all undoubtedly done the very best we can to wade through the mess of 2020, it is now time to take it upon ourselves to make a change and to work toward building a brighter future for ourselves, our children and our animal brothers and sisters.

As with all new moons, this one is a time to heavily consider what we wish to manifest over the coming months. Particularly overlooking the next six, we will want to take note of where we wish to see ourselves and humanity at the end of six month’s time. As this new moon is in Cancer, we will be taking the longer view to six months from now when the moon will wax full in Cancer, allowing our seeds of this particular new moon to unfold. To best create our intentions along with the moon, we will want to write them down on the date of the new moon. We will then watch them grow and flourish with each lunar cycle until the moon n Cancer waxes full in December. To write our intentions, we must always us the 3 P’s. We must also remember to engage in actions, thoughts, beliefs and feelings that support our intentions (for more information about the Law Of Attraction, see:

Because the new moon is in Cancer, we will experience and emphasis on home and family life. During this new moon time we will feel inclined to want to ensure all of our children and family are safe at all times. In fact it may become a brief obsession of ours; making sure we are in constant contact and finding that we are feeling alarmed is a loved one is unreachable. We will likely be hyper-focused on nurturing our loved ones. It will become even more important to us to ensure that our family and friends are well fed, well loved and well-heard when it comes to any current stress through which they are living. This new moon is sure to bring out the “mom” in all of us- even if we have no children!

Cancers tend to be quite emotional. It is important, during this lunar period that while we are caring for all of our loved ones, we take extra good care of ourselves. Eat well, play well and rest well. Finding our own sense of balance will surely assist us in caring for our loved ones. After all, how can we care for them if we are exhausted? We would surely do a much more fulfilling job with caring for our loved ones if we did so from a balanced state. We must always remind ourselves that its ok to be emotional. This is a very strange and unusual time in our world’s history that affects each and every one of us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. And we must allow ourselves to feel the depths and heights of these modern challenges. We must avoid bottling our feelings as they will only come out at a later time in an unhealthy way. By allowing ourselves to feel our sadness, despair, compassion and empathy, we will more easily be able to process them and to pass through them in the healthiest way possible. It is OK to feel our feelings!

This is a time that is ripe with fertility! The combination between this new moon and the beginning of summer is sure to bring the opportunity for expressing gratitude. Any and all celestial events can be celebrated through the communion with nature. By connecting with nature and allowing ourselves to feel gratitude toward Mother Earth at this time, we will not only be sharing healing energies with her, but we will also be allowing ourselves to ground and find peace in her arms. We may connect with nature in may different and beautiful ways. We may root our feet into our Earth, we may collect several natural items to bring into our homes from nature with which to meditate. We (my favourite!) can go out into nature, remove our shoes and dance, dance, dance the glorious day away!

For those of us who have healing crystals, this day is an excellent time to clear and recharge them. Remember to clear them means to place them in direct sunlight for several hours. You may also use sage and the power of intention to clear their energies. To charge them, set an intention for yourself for the next six months of your life. Place that intention into the crystals and bring them back into your home, placing them on your altar or wherever feels energetically proper.

However we choose to celebrate this fantastical day of new beginnings let us all take periodical moments throughout the day to find as many aspects of our lives about which to be grateful. Gratitude is the highest and best way to being more joy into our lives. It is the highest form of prayer. Gratitude is the colour palate of life. Let us paint to our heart’s content!





Its summertime and our cats and dogs love to be outdoors. Fresh air and sunlight are among the most exhilarating environmental factors to companion animals. Particularly in climates where the summer season is short and the winter season is long, we, along with our canine and feline friends wish to enjoy the warmer temperatures for as long as we can.

As many conscious animal caretakers know, cats and dogs are at high risk of dehydration. Not only do they have a layer or hair/fur on their skin to keep them warm, but they also have an alternate type of bodily cooling system from humans. True, some dogs and cats have shorter hair and fur than others but because of their sweat glands and skin thickness, their bodies’ methods of cooling is not as simple as drinking water as it is for humans.

Even in seemingly mild temperatures, animals can become dehydrated. There are several key reasons why an animal can easily become dehydrated. One main element to note is diet. If an animal is eating mainly kibble; dry food, there is a very strong likelihood that your animal will become dehydrated easily. This is because dry food, in essence, drains the water from an animal’s gastrointestinal system in order to process. The draining of the body’s water will leave the animal’ hydration stores easily depleted. On a longer term scale, if an animal’s diet lacks moisture and the animal is exposed to warmer temperatures, this can spell disaster. The vital component in this situation is to recognize that water alone DOES NOT HYDRATE dogs and cats. It is imperative to add essential fatty acids to the diet. EFA’s are readily available in the form of omegas 3 & 6.

A main concern with diet-related dehydration is that water is a key component in waste removal from the body’s organs, muscles, joints and cells. Sadly, far too many cat and dog foods are chalked full of inflammatory ingredients which cause much detriment to our animal’s health and longevity. Because water is vital for the purpose of removing the by-products of inflammatory foods, when it is absent in the body, the animal’s health is in grave danger. Most store-bought foods are high in inflammatory ingredients. Some have fewer than others, but any processed food will have ingredients of concern. Some common, notably harmful ingredients include; corn gluten, meat by product (chicken, pork, turkey), ocean fish, brewers rice, modified corn starch, food colouring (all colours), brewer’s yeast to name several. If your cat or dog food lists any of the above in the first six ingredients, PLEASE consider switching food sources. Many consumers fall prey to recommendations from animal care professionals. Do not be fooled. Read ingredients, research them and ask more than one type of animal care practitioner for their opinion. Do not blindly accept what anyone says, especially if the above ingredients are listed toward the beginning of the list.


Though some signs of dehydration are glaringly obvious, there are several that are lesser so. Here are five lesser known signs that your cat or dog is dehydrated:

  1. SKIN ELASTICITY– Take a moment to place your hands behind your cat/dog’s shoulder bones. Pull the skin up just slightly. Note the level of elasticity that exists as you do. To measure, gauge how long it takes for your cat/dog’s skin to go back to its original place. The more quickly it returns, the greater the elasticity. The greater the elasticity, the more hydrated the animal.
  2. LICKING– We would all love to think that every time our cat or dog licks us that they are giving us a kiss. However, there are many reasons why animals lick. It is extremely important that if your cat or dog licks you regularly that you rule out any medical conditions immediately. If there are no medical reasons why your dog or cat is compulsively licking you (as opposed to licking/grooming their own bodies), your animal may be dehydrated. Many people believe that water is an adequate source of hydration. While water is an absolutely necessary aspect of cleansing and hydration, it does not prevent dehydration. As per above, adding essential fatty acids to your cat or dog’s diet will help them to absorb and retain moisture. Perhaps even more simply, if your cat or dog frequently licks you, be sure to immediately check their water bowls to ensure they’re full!
  3. LOSS OF APETITE– Dogs and cats will lose their apetite if they are excessively dehydrated. This is because their bodies lack enough moisture to create saliva to digest their food.
  4. VOMITING– Dogs and cats will vomit when they’re severely dehydrated because they lack the oxygen in the bloodstream for their digestive organs to properly function.
  5. ELEVATED HEART RATE– When cats and dogs are dehydrated there is a noted elevation in their heart rate. Dehydration causes strain on the heart. The amount of blood that circulates through the body decreases when the animal is dehydrated. This means that their hearts will beat more rapidly to compensate for the lack circulation of blood. Accompanying signs of dehydration to an elevated heart rate include; dizziness, nausea, vomiting. Panting and drooling alongside an elevated heart rate in both dogs and cats is a very serious warning sign of severe dehydration. These are also symptoms of regular stress, however if your animal has been outdoors in the heat for hours or has not retained much fluid, their life may depend on a vet visit.

When a dog or cat’s body becomes dehydrated, the volume of fluids in the body is reduced. This reduces the delivery of oxygen to organs and tissues. In the short term, these symptoms may be treated through various means. If an animal is exposed to severe dehydration for a prolonged period of time -anywhere from an hour to days; depending on the age, breed and overall health of the animal)-the body’s organs will begin to shut down. Kidneys can fail and there can be a buildup of toxins in the bloodstream that will be fatal. If you suspect your animal is dehydrated, do not hesitate. Take urgent action- go to your veterinary clinic immediately.






A powerful celestial week lies ahead! The combination of Friday’s Full Moon in Sagittarius and the penumbral lunar eclipse is sure to electrify our lives. Though this lunar eclipse is only visible in Asia, Australia, Europe and Africa, its profound effects will most certainly be experienced all over the world.

During a lunar eclipse, the Earth passes between the sun and moon, casting its shadow onto the moon, creating a progressively darkening celestial event. While indeed a spectacular sight to see, its astrological energy is nothing short of magnificent. Spiritually speaking, the Sun represents our personality, or the aspects of ourselves that we show to the world while the moon represents our subconscious mind and our shadow sides. During a lunar eclipse, our sun, moon and Earth form a powerful alignment. It is at this time that we are able to align our persona with our subconscious mind and shadow sides. It is at this time that we have a beautiful opportunity to bring forth our shadow sides in an effort to heal them and to make peace with them. During the course of the eclipse, even if we are not able to see it, for example if it is only visible from a different side of the world from where we are or if it is cloudy, the energy of the lunar eclipse is quite prevalent. This is an optimal time to come to terms with our shadow selves. In other words, this is an optimal time to look hard at the parts of ourselves that make us feel uncomfortable. It is time to look deep inside of ourselves at what we are masking so that we can remove the masks and become a more authentic version of ourselves.

In addition to this powerful lunar eclipse, we have the profound opportunity to work with the energies of the Sun in Gemini and the Full Moon in Sagittarius. With Gemini’s ruling planet Mercury juxtaposed to Sagittarius’ ruling planet Jupiter, this is a perfect time to throw a party! If, under the circumstances, parties are unable to be thrown, we will still find ourselves wanting to dress up nicely and have a video chat gathering. Mercury is known for its communicativeness and Jupiter for its confidence, intelligence, wit and wisdom. With these two planets ruling the weekend, it is clear why we will want to engage in social activities.

The moon waxing full in Sagittarius brings with it some challenges; foremost of which is the theme of ‘overindulgence’. Both Jupiter and Sagittarius have an “expansive” nature about them. Jupiter and Sagittarius love festivities and their favourite aspect of festivities is eating, drinking and being merry. While being merry is always an enjoyable way to spend and evening, these two love to overeat and over-drink. There is a strong tendency, during the Full Moon in Sag to overdo everything. From food to alcohol to exercise to sleeping, there is a major desire to indulge until we cannot possibly go anymore. While this may sound like fun, we must always keep in mind that there are consequences to our actions.

In addition to overindulgence, a common Sag trait is their insatiable thirst for knowledge. While this moon waxes full in this sign, seeking means of expanding our minds could take centre stage at this time. Whether reading books or reading people, we will be inclined to want to seek the means to learn. As many of us are staying home at this time, reading, studying and partaking in intentional spiritual growth is a worthwhile way to spend this lunar experience. Coupled with Gemini’s Mercury (communication) influence, this Moon is an excellent time to take a course on a subject that you love! What a better way to celebrate the Mercurian need for communication and the Jupitarian need to learn than to listen to and participate in a classroom environment?

Being mindful of our need to control all external circumstances is vital at this time. Sagittarians often feel a deep desire to “make sure things go their way”. Should we encounter this type of behaviour within ourselves or others, we can acknowledge it as a gift of a lesson of how to relinquish control of our behaviours to the Universe in the belief that the Universe will create the perfect outcome of any and all for all involved.

If and when we do begin to feel off balance, we can thankfully rely on the balanced nature of our Sun’s position in Gemini. On a good day, Gemini is generally laid back, carefree and able to see the humour in most situations. When we feel the grip of our need for control getting out of hand, we can step back and align our energies with the Gemini sun.

However you choose to spend this spectacular celestial event, be sure to give thanks to your angels, Mother Earth, the Universe and most of all to yourself. Even though it seems like you have a long way to go on your journey, it’s important to be grateful for all of the hard work you have put in. This Full Moon/Eclipse is one that will balance our darkness and our light with respect to socialization, communication, overindulgence and leveling out how many tasks we take on. This is a time to look deep within at our love/hate relationships with our addictions. This is a time to recognize and identify with our shadow sides, bring them into the light and celebrate them!





In times of struggle, we rely on our companion animals to carry us through. During this pandemic we have all experienced a rollercoaster of emotions; from joy to sadness to fear and frustration. And our animals have been alongside us, supporting us every step of the way. They have not only lived out their life roles as our companions, they have chosen to be with us at this time in order to aim to take our pain away. Even though they cannot fully take our pain away at any given moment, they strive to be the kind of unique support for us that each and every one of us needs. They relentlessly give of themselves, selflessly so that we have even a moment of peace on our journeys.

Though there is a vast myriad of ways that we can give back to our animals, here are five easily attainable ways that we can give back the kind of love to our animals that they need in order to feel healthy and at peace as they live out the challenging task of taking care of us.

  1. SPECIES APPROPRIATE DIET– One of, of not the most important aspects of caring for our beloved companion animal friends is to ensure that they are well fed and adequately nourished. While some of us may be rolling our eyes out of certitude that we are indeed properly feeding our animals, we may want to think again. There are several main staples of knowledge of animal food that must go into every meal. Proper nutrition is an integral component in giving back to our animals. Ensuring that your animals are eating whole foods and not by-products, ingredients that you cannot pronounce or worse; ingredients that are labeled with buzzwords such as “powdered cellulose” (sawdust) or “corn gluten” (weed-killer). Choose foods that list whole foods such as “deboned chicken”, instead of “ocean fish” (the dregs of the ocean; i.e. the most polluted, non-specified fish in the ocean). Choose to research what your animals can and cannot digest. As an example, many cat parents are completely unaware that cats lack the digestive enzyme responsible for the breakdown of grains in the digestive system. This means that they are literally unable to digest grains. Most store-bought cat food is high in grains such as human grade cereal. What happens to our kitty friends when they eat the grains they cannot digest? They get metabolized as sugars and mess with their insulin levels, causing insulin spikes and troughs which very often leads to diabetes and obesity. Research a species appropriate diet. This is to say, research the types of diets that your animal friends ate as wild cats and dogs in nature. Research what their gastrointestinal systems thrive on and what will send them into ill health. Research why veterinary recommended brands cause more harm than good to your animal’s health because of their mainly preservative filled ingredient list. Read as much quality information as you can about what is healthy for your cats and dogs. Do not blindly trust your vet or food brand company. Look into where your food was sourced; the distance it had to travel to get to your store, the nutrient quality of the food, what whole foods are and any other information you can find from a credible source. By feeding our companion animals nutritious diets, they will be more resilient in times of stress, building up resistance to it; stopping illness from penetrating their immune systems. Healthy eating means a longer life and a better quality of life.
  2. ENSURING OUR HOMES ARE AS QUIET AS POSSIBLE– Though the struggle of parents with young children during the Covid-19 pandemic is very real, we must also pay close attention to how our home environments are affecting our companion animals. Of course it is next to impossible to expect our young children to sit still and be quiet at this time; especially when they are stuck at home with no school, no recess and inadequate physical activity. That said, animals are extremely noise sensitive. They are also fearful of the unpredictable behaviours of children. It is extremely valuable, when planning out our days at home to be mindful of how our household noise will impact the health and well being of our animal friends. While this is a touchy subject and not meant to place additional pressure on parents, it is meant to invoke the concepts of understanding the animal’s perspective of the pandemic. At this time, allowing our companion animals a “time out” by putting them in a bedroom or den behind a closed door for an hour or two per day will allow them a safe zone where they will not feel overwhelmed by loud children or by children who climb on them, and pull their ears and tail. Moreover, if you do have children who are unable to respect the boundaries of your animals and do pull their ears and tail. Do not be surprised if your animal defends himself by lashing out with a bite or scratch. THIS IS HOW ANIMALS COMMUNICATE BOUNDARIES. Please do everyone in your household a favour and teach your children to respect the boundaries of your animals. By giving your animals a time out for an hour or two per day behind closed doors, you are allowing your animals a short time to relax in peace and harmony.
  3. ENSURING OUR HOMES ARE CLEAN & TIDY– Naturally speaking, companion animals are very clean beings. Let us remember that we share our homes with them. They are unable to clean up after themselves. More to the point, they are unable to clean up after us. Companion animals find dirty environments to be very uncomfortable. Dirt and clutter can seriously impede a companion animal’s sense of inner peace. Additionally, many companion animals develop allergies and other respiratory issues that stem from dusty, bacteria ridden and mouldy homes. It is their role to care for us; to keep our emotional, mental and spiritual balance and it is our role to keep their homes clean and tidy. Though regular cleaning of our homes can become labour intensive, remember you’re not doing it for you, you’re doing it for your best friend and emotional support system.
  4. ENERGY WORK– For many reasons, energy work is a MUST at this time. In addition to its well-known promotion of relaxation and inner peace, energy work such as Reiki provides an outlet for animals’ stress. Animals are highly spiritual beings. They are also very physical beings. Particularly in homes where during this pandemic we have limited outdoor access, it is crucial to provide our companion animals with an outlet for their stress. Because companion animals feel that it is their role to remove our stress in every way shape and form, we must acknowledge the reality that they can and do easily fall into illness. When animals become stressed and overworked as a result of their home lives, they will harness the stress within their small bodies. Ordinarily, activities such as exercise will allow the animal mostly adequate release of this stressful energy. However, in times like these we have limited access to the regular forms of exercise in which we engage with our animals. In times like these when we are infinitely more stressed out than usual, bearing in mind that our animals are like little energy sponges and absorb the stresses of their people and environments, it is vital to the health of our companion animals that we create regular intervals of experience where our animals are able to release their stresses. Should we choose to ignore the stresses of our companion animals, what will happen to them? Simply put, their bodies will react exactly the same way as ours would under repeated and prolonged exposure to stress. Their bodies will eventually give in to the toxic energies and fall into poor health and eventually disease. Engaging in regular energy work such as Reiki is an ideal way to promote the release of pent up stress from within our companion animals, especially when exercise and long trips outdoors are not an option. Energy healing allows for the stable peace of mind and inner harmony that comes along with removing the pockets of ill (stress) energy from the energy field and body of your companion animal before it becomes detrimental to your animal’s health. If you are not practiced at energy work with animals on your own, connecting with a professional animal energy worker is helpful, even if she/he is unable to come to your home. The professional energy worker should be well versed at the art of distance-energy work and will be able to discuss with you the benefits of energy healing from a distance.
  5. TELL THEM HOW YOU’RE FEELING– By keeping our animals informed about how they are healing our hearts and souls, they will feel like they are a valuable presence in our lives. Sure, we know they are but how often do we tell them? True, most companion animals do not understand most human language. However we must not underestimate their ability to understand the energy behind our words. In the companion animal mind, it is their role to keep us balanced and joyful. If they are unable to do this, they feel as though they are not doing their job. By telling our animals how much we appreciate them, by telling them how much we love them and that they ARE helping us to feel better, they will feel that there are doing a job well done! Of course they are here to listen to us when we are feeling down, and we can tell them this as well. We may even be surprised at their reaction when we do tell them we are feeling sad!

These are five of many ways that we can give back to our animals during this pandemic and at any other given time. All our animals want to do is to love us. Though they will never ask us for anything in return (except for maybe food!), we can be continuously inspired by their generosity of spirit and give them the kind of love and respect that they deserve.





An opportunity to begin anew, this year’s New Moon in Gemini falls on Friday the 22nd of May. As with all New Moon’s, this one is the ideal time to create. This is a perfect time to plant the seeds of your desired future. By writing your intentions down on paper, you are taking the first step to allowing the magic of the Universe to unfold. At this time in our Earth’s chaotic history, we now have the opportunity to contemplate what we desire for ourselves once the chaos settles into its new normal.

As many of us are anxious to get back to any version of normal, we must be patient. We must have faith in Divine timing. Saturn’s position respective to our New Moon in Gemini will allow us to approach our longer term goals in a methodical, structured way. Saturn whose key words are “structure” and “function” will grant us the grounded approach we need to create a stable future for ourselves. This planetary alignment is likely to present us with the recognition from our peers and family of a job well done. We can expect to feel as though our hard work is finally paying off.

Best known for its dual sided nature, Gemini is the sign of the twins; Castor and Pollux. At this time, we may feel conflicted about our futures. As we embody the energy of the Gemini moon and its duality, we may feel as though we are constantly battling one side of ourselves against the other. We will find ourselves second guessing each decision we make. While it is important to be sure of our decisions before we make them, over-thinking our choices can become a nightmare. Over-thinking can seriously inhibit any progress and personal growth we’ve made. Unfortunately over-thinking is a main staple of the Gemini moon. In order to avoid being taken hostage by the hamster wheel of over-thinking, take the time during this lunar period to learn to trust your intuition. Your gut will never fail you. This is an excellent opportunity to get to know how to read your gut reaction without second guessing it. There are several ways in which you can learn to trust your gut; most of which begin with learning to quiet your mind. Without the background noise that thinking creates, we are more receptive to the visceral feeling of our intuition. Another way to discern the truth of our intuition is to pay attention to how our body responds to certain circumstances. Our body will literally tense up if our intuition is letting us know that a situation does not feel right. Of course, everybody’s body and intuitive response differs from the next. It is best to do some research and learn what works best for you!

With our planet Venus in retrograde, this is not a time where romance can be taken seriously. Venus, the planet of love is in retrograde which means that any matters of the heart should be taken with a grain of salt. This is not a time to make any concrete decisions about taking any ‘next steps’ in our romantic partnerships. Should you meet someone new of romantic interest, be sure to avoid falling in love too soon as you will soon see that this person is not being altogether honest with you. Pay extra close attention for red flags.

Whereas ordinarily, Gemini is a highly social astrological sign, in this particular case, we must be cautious with respect to social engagements; whether one on one or in groups. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury’s claim to fame is that is represents all communicative efforts. Mercury is the planet of spoken word, typed letters, TV, radio and all types of communication. During a regular Gemini New Moon, we would likely find ourselves engaged in many social pursuits – yes, even during social distancing, we would be tempted to find a way. This new moon is a wonderful time to take note of any dreams and goals that we have. Because it is a New Moon, we will want to take advantage of the lunar period in which the moon waxes (gets bigger). Particularly because the new moon is in Gemini, we can also choose to capitalize on its communicative tendency. The highly social Gemini has no trouble in articulating its wants and needs. HOWEVER. Because this New Moon forms an astrological ‘square’ (in layperson’s terms, a type of opposition) to the planet Neptune, we must be very wary when it comes to our social desires. The astrological skies warn against making any concrete decisions as because of this planetary alignment we will feel a pull in two opposite directions as fact and illusion battle it out within our minds. Again we see encounter the theme of “duality” with both the Gemini twins and the new moon square Neptune. We can find that we are living in two opposing realities at the same time, rendering it virtually impossible to make a definite decision.

As you may have guessed, we will tend to be all over the map with this new moon. Between the dual sided Gemini moon, Neptune’s battle between logic and irrational spirituality and Venus retrograde, this is a time where we may experience the proverbial spinning of our head. Though we may be unable to make tangible progress with our immediate plans, shifting our focus to longer term goals will allow us a window into the endless possibilities of the future. Take the time during this lunar period to plant the seeds of your future. For all that you plant at this time will come full circle by the light of the Full Moon in Gemini in six months time.